Saturday, 16 July 2016

Introduction about Responsibly Travel

There are many projects in India and the developing world being carried out by communities, individuals and non profit organisations that are genuinely working at the grass root level.

Most of these projects are carried out with very less or perhaps in many cases, with absolutely no funds. Unfortunately, money generated by tourism somehow does not proliferate to these projects and people.

Travel Responsibly and Sustainably is a consortium of many such projects that have come together on one common aim: to promote genuine projects at the ground level. There are 8 members presently, and we look to incrementing the members over 100 by the year end. We also will be promoting other organisations/individuals/communities in other developing nations.

Mission: To integrate, map and present best case practices from India, Indian Sub continent and the developing world on socially sustainable and responsible projects who may or may not be related to tourism so that some direct benefit by way of mass awareness or direct fund mobilization for genuine projects at the grass root level can occur.

Methods of Promotion: Direct approach: Sensitization workshops (roadshows) in West European cities, US cities and in large cities of India.

  • Tour operators will be handpicked and invited for an exclusive roadshow where presentations will be made to encapsulate best case practices. Tour operators will be convinced to include some of the practices in their itineraries. The soul enriching experience of the travellers will be highlighted.
  • Each roadshow will be an exclusive evening showcasing various categories of Responsible tourism products.
  • A booklet (magazine) souvenir with stories of best case practices will also be distributed.
  • FAM trips and other invites will also be provided to the tour operators as an additional incentive.
  • Roadshows inviting well placed business executives working in large business houses are also in the pipeline.

Editing and publishing of Stories of Responsible tourism products in a publication (Travel Responsibly & Sustainably).

Personalized mail campaigns to tour operators all over the world, newsletters to established contacts

Web: Social media, launch of a portal encapsulating all the details of the projects including contacts of stakeholders.

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